Accepted Papers List

1Advanced Avionics Systems AAS-0001 Onboard Computer And Command Distribution System Of Isro Launch VehiclesSukrat Guptasukratgupta@gmail.comOral presentation
2Advanced Avionics Systems AAS-0002 Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Avionics Health ManagementSreelal S.sreelal_s@outlook.comOral presentation
3Advanced Avionics Systems AAS-0003 Development Of Pressure Sensor Module For Mav ApplicationS. Santosh Kumarsantoshkumar.ceeri@gmail.comOral presentation
4Advanced Avionics Systems AAS-0004 Design, Simulation And Fabrication Of Mems-Based Piezoresistive AccelerometerA. K. Upadhyayravindramukhiya@rediffmail.comOral presentation
5Advanced Avionics Systems AAS-0005 Photo Lithography Technique To Minimize The Opening Dimensions Of Closed Structures In Photo Resist Mask For Cmos\Mems ApplicationsP Ravi Teja presentation
6Advanced Avionics Systems AAS-0006 Design, Simulation And Realization Of Q-Cut Preselect Filter Using Q-Enhanced Bati4o9 CeramicNishant presentation
7Advanced Materials AM-0002 Introducing A New Resist For Cutting Extremities With Emerging Helium-Ion Beam LithographyNeha Thakurnehathakur1194@gmail.comPoster presentation
8Advanced Materials AM-0003 Impact Of Metal Electrodes On Mfis Structure Performance For Next-Generation Feram ApplicationsRobin presentation
9Advanced Materials AM-0004 Photoresist Development For Sub-22 Nm Node Technology: Polyarylenesulfonium Salt As Negative Tone Resist For Electron Beam LithographyMohamad Ghulam presentation
10Advanced Materials AM-0005 Non Destructive Evaluation Of Explosive Welded Joints Of Steel-Aluminum CombinationAbhishek Upadhyayabhiups007@gmail.comOral presentation
11Advanced Materials AM-0006 A Coplanar Microheater And Inter Digitated Electrodes Structure For Zno Based Hydrogen Gas SensorManish Deshwaldeshwal.manish@gmail.comPoster presentation
12Advanced Materials AM-0007 A Thermal Stress Based Technique For Fabrication Of Nanogaps In Electrodes For Micro- And Nano-ElectronicsGangadhar presentation
13Advanced Materials AM-0008 High Temperature And Radiation Tolerant Structural Stability Analysis Of Bulk 4H-SicMahesh Kumar presentation
14Advanced Materials AM-0009 Design Of Highly Reflecting Distributed Bragg Reflectors (Dbrs) For Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (Vcsel) Based On Iii-V Compound SemiconductorsRahul K. presentation
15Advanced Materials AM-0010 Iii-V Semiconductor Based Quantum Dot And Well For Photodetector And Solar Cell ApplicationsSaumya presentation
16Advanced Materials AM-0011 Simulation, Fabrication And Characterization Of Su8 Solid Microneedle Array For Transdermal Drug DeliveryKedar presentation
17Advanced Materials AM-0013 Development Of Uv-Liga Process Using Gold Electroplating For Mems ApplicationsVijay presentation
18Advanced Materials AM-0014 A Novel Modeling And Simulation Of Two Way Shape Memory AlloyS.V. presentation
19Advanced Materials AM-0015 Characterization Of 3D Printed Alsi10mg Aluminum AlloyAnkit Sharma Aankit.nifft@gmail.comOral presentation
20Advanced Materials AM-0016 Modeling Of Mr Fluid DamperShad Ahmed presentation
21Advanced Materials AM-0017 Corrosion Protection Of Weldable Aa2219 Alloy – Review & Case StudySwarupendra presentation
22Advanced Materials AM-0018 Surface Micromachined Electrostatically Actuated Double Bridge Digital Micromirror For Torsional And Piston Mode OperationAmit Kumaramitkumar@ceeri.res.inOral presentation
23Advanced Materials AM-0019 Contact Analysis In MicrostructuresVirender Singhnain_virender@yahoo.comPoster presentation
24Advanced Materials AM-0020 Photoluminescence Effect On Porous Silicon For Volatile Organic Compound Sensing ApplicationV.S.Selvakumar And presentation
25Digital India DI-0003 Developing Systems Thinking Among Undergraduate Engineers: Lessons From Combining Experiential Learning With Micro-Level Activity MetricsSudhir presentation
26Digital India DI-0004 Digital Storytelling To Accelerate Systems Thinking Competence Of Undergraduate EngineersAbinaya presentation
27Digital India DI-0006 Internet Of Things- Scope, Challenges & Solutions From Indian PerspectivePriyanka presentation
28Digital India DI-0008 Mems Based Microfluidic Blood Cell Shorting And Counting Scheme For Complete Blood Cell Count (Cbc): A Simulation StudySouvik Malliksouvik.211190@gmail.comOral presentation
29Digital India DI-0009 Digital India : Enabling A Smart Village Through Space Technology Based Services On A SmartphoneDr. Remilla Murthy And Dr. presentation
30Digital India DI-0010 Isro – Industry – Academia Triad : Small Satellite S Realization With Applications To Support Make In India / Digital India presentation
31Digital India DI-0015 Iot Security: How Un-Secure Are Our Secured DevicesPreet Yadavpreet.yadav@nxp.comPoster presentation
32Defence Systems DS-0004 Design And Construction Of Triggered Spark Gap Switch For Exploding Foil Initiator SystemsAmandeep Singhamandeep.singh568@gmail.comOral presentation
33Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0003 Integrated System For Control System Performance Evaluation (Inscope)Saju presentation
34Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0004 Instrumentation System Realization For Testing Of Lunar Landing Mission DemonstrationMuna Kumar Singhmunnaksng@gmail.comOral presentation
35Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0005 Realization Of Algan/Gan Based High Electron Mobility Transistor: From Mbe Growth To DeviceKankat Ghosh Aghosh.kankat@gmail.comOral presentation
36Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0006 A Strategy For The Hazard Identification And Analysis Of The Safety Critical Software Systems For Human Spaceflight ApplicationsViswanathan presentation
37Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0007 Design Of A Compact Uwb On-Chip Antenna Using Standard Cmos TechnologyS. presentation
38Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0009 Analysis Of Human Bite Force Using Electro-Mechanical DeviceG. Singhymymittal1@gmail.comPoster presentation
39Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0010 Emerging Trends In Pcb Design And TechnologyKrishna MakaniKrishnachauhan2008@gmail.comOral presentation
40Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0011 Convex Corner Undercutting Phenomena In Silicon Bulk Micromachining And Differential MicromachiningZaheer Ahmed presentation
41Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0012 Cryo Stage Data Acquisition For Propellant FillingRallabhandi Sreedharsreedhar5793@gmail.comOral presentation
42Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0013 Advanced Test System For Evaluating Complex Electronics Components Of Isro’S Launch VehiclesNisha presentation
43Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0014 Automation Of Acoustic Suppression Sequence At Launch PadG Madhusudhan Reddymadhu.g482@gmail.comOral presentation
44Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0015 Filter State Transfer Logic For Sampling Time Change And 2D Interpolation Scheme For Onboard ImplementationSudin Dineshsudin_dinesh@yahoo.comOral presentation
45Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0016 Overview On Raspberry PiSukhnoor Pal Singhspnoor@gmail.comPoster presentation
46Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0017 Design & Development Of Vme64x Bus Based Digital Input Card Using CpldMd. Najam presentation
47Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0018 Development & Evaluation Of Process Control System For Propellant FillingMurali Kundemuralikunde@gmail.comOral presentation
48Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0019 Complexity In Instrumentation And Control Systems For Cryo Stage FillingB V Subbarayudusubbarayudu.isro@gmail.comOral presentation
49Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0020 A One-Way Hash Function For Data Integrity Verification In Cloud ComputingMeena Kumarisanger.meena@gmail.comPoster presentation
50Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0021 Solid Propellant Casting Process Automation SystemSandeep presentation
51Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0022 Simulation And Analysis Of Highly Sensitive Mems Cantilever Designs For Bio SensingHarsimran Singh presentation
52Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0023 Slip Estimation Of A Differentially Steered RobotKavitha C presentation
53Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0024 Polarization Sensing Focal Plane Array- Proof Of ConceptAshwani presentation
54Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0025 Loop Shaping Procedure For A Twin Rotor Mimo SystemGeorge presentation
55Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0026 Third Party System Communication In Programmable Logic ControllersK S presentation
56Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0029 1.3 µvrms And 1.4 µa Capacitively Coupled Chopper Stabilized Instrumentation Amplifier For A Biomedical Data Acquisition System In 180 Nm CmosAshish presentation
57Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0030 High Speed Dual Rail Domino Logic For Scl 180Nm Cmos TechnologyNavneet presentation
58Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0031 Generation Of Antenna Pointing Information For Multi-Orbit Missions With Ps4 RestartK. M. Dinesh presentation
59Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0032 Challenges In Data Acquisition Systems For Large Solid Rocket Motor Static TestingM.Vijayakumarmvkumar@gmail.comOral presentation
60Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0033 Design, Development And Qualification Of Pulse Coded Safety Logic System For Prototype Fast Breeder ReactorMd. Najam presentation
61Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0034 Baseband Pulse Shaping For Gmsk ModulationAbhishek presentation
62Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0035 Effect Of Nitridation On Performance Of Gate Dielectric In 180 Nm Cmos TechnologyRavi Shankar R presentation
63Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0036 Design And Implementation Of Test Automation System For Sparc-V8 Based Flight PackagesSuja presentation
64Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0037 Event Based Time Synchronous Automatic Multi Ignition System Related To Static TestingK. Sriramakumarkaligotlasriram@gmail.comOral presentation
65Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0038 Development Of Multi Task Control System Involved In Static Testing Of Solid Rocket MotorsK.Venkataiahkakash.venkat@gmail.comOral presentation
66Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0039 Ratan- An Indigenous Multi-Cipher Encryption/ Decryption Asic ChipShalini Sharmashalini@adrin.res.inOral presentation
67Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0040 A Self-Learning Agent For Extracting And Strengthening Knowledge From Propellant Filling Data On A Weighted Directed Graph (Wdg) Representation Of Filling CircuitRamaprasad Chakrabortychakrabortyramaprasad@gmail.comOral presentation
68Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0041 Study On The Issues Related To Miniaturization Of Ion Traps In Mass AnalyzerArunima Sarkararns2111@gmail.comOral presentation
69Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0042 Characterization Of Interconnects For Scl 180Nm Cmos Process Through Em presentation
70Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0043 Distributed Wireless Networking Systems For Testing Pyro Sub-Systems Of Launch VechicleY Sekharsekharanji@gmail.comOral presentation
71Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0044 Algorithm For Vlsi Fab Capacity OptimizationSarjna presentation
72Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0045 Analytical Study For Pull-In Behavior Of Rf Shunt Switch Under The Influence Of Residual StressesAshish Kumar presentation
73Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0047 Study Of Reticle Floorplanning And Wafer Dicing Techniques For Multiple Project WafersPriyanka presentation
74Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0048 Development Of Analog Modules Compatible With Standard 180Nmcmos ProcessAmit Kumar presentation
75Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0050 Design Of Capacitive Sensors For Compliance Monitoring In Padmapada Clubfoot BraceDiwakar R presentation
76Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0051 Design And Development Of Motorized Ilizarov Apparatus For Distraction OsteogenesisSukruth presentation
77Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0052 Test Setups For Evaluating Pre-Launch Radiometric Performance Of Insat-3Dr Electro-Optical Meteorological Sensors SystemMinal presentation
78Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0053 Demonstration Of Digitally Assisted Analog Using 12-Bit Pipelined AdcViral presentation
79Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0054 Cold Spare Cmos CircuitAjay presentation
80Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0055 Design Of Contact Area For Power Enhanced Rf Mems Ohmic SwitchAnuroopdeepak@ceeri.res.inPoster presentation
81Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0056 180 Nm 20 Ps-Resolution 0.29 Lsb Single-Shot Precision Vernier Delay Line Based Time-To-Digital ConverterR S S M R presentation
82Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0057 Design And Realization Of Electrical Interconnects Of A Complex Spacecraft- Present And FutureR K presentation
83Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0060 Automatic Test System For Data Logger CalibrationRayan Kutty P.P.rayankutty@gmail.comOral presentation
84Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0061 Physical Design Considerations On The Architecture And Layout Of A Fft ProcessorSumit presentation
85Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0062 Indigenous Development Of Optical Sensor For 3D ImagingArup presentation
86Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0063 Design Of An Active Walker For Disabled ChildrenRagaja S. Rragaja04@gmail.comPoster presentation
87Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0064 Focus-Less, Mono-Head, Passive 3D Imaging Camera For Blind Man’S VisionParul presentation
88Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0065 Doppler Shift Excursion Analysis On Intersatellite LinksPrachi Sharmaprachi1196sharma@gmail.comPoster presentation
89Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0066 Quality And Reliability Aspects Of Indigenously Designed And Fabricated Microelectronic Devices At Scl For Space ApplicationsRupinder presentation
90Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0067 Safety Issues In Semi-Conductor Industry Related To Hpms (Gases)Ashwani Kumar presentation
91Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0068 Single Event Effect (See) Test Setup For Analog To Digital ConverterS.N. presentation
92Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0069 Load Compensated Two-Stage Opamp Buffer For Reference CircuitsRajesh Kumar presentation
93Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0070 Development Of Radiation Hardened ObcShubham presentation
94Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0071 Wafer Level Failure Analysis TechniqueRohit presentation
95Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0072 Testing And Characterization Of Quad Lvds Driver And Receiver PairGaurav Kumar presentation
96Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0073 Impact Of Microstructure On The Lithographic Performance As Well As Material Strength Of Polymeric Duv PhotoresistsMidathala Yogeshmyogesh5@gmail.comPoster presentation
97Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0074 Electron Beam Lithography Of Sensitive Resist Based On Photoacid Generator Integrated Terpolymer: Potentiality Of High-Resolution Pattern TransferSantu Nandisantunandi001@gmail.comPoster presentation
98Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0075 Mixed Meta And Para-Cresol/Formaldehyde Novolak Photoresists: Effect Of Composition And Addition Of Oligomer To Fractionated ResinJ S presentation
99Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0076 Process Development Of Si Wafer Thinning After Device Completion: Without Affecting Front Side Of The WaferAmit presentation
100Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0077 Process Development For Via Polymer Cleaning With Elm C30 And Its Comparative Study With Act N396 And Ekc265Damandeep Singh presentation
101Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0078 Monitoring Health Of Vlsi Fabrication Tools In SclSarjna presentation
102Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0079 Mask Chrome Coverage Effect On Poly Gate EtchVijay Prakash presentation
103Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0080 Void Free Deposition And Improved Metal Faceting Of Inter-Metal Dielectric In 180 Nm Technology NodeSunil presentation
104Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0081 Various Aspects In Design & Electrical Analysis Of Electronic Ic PackagesAkash presentation
105Defence Systems ECS-0082 Design Of Security System For Fishery People WelfareVijay Kumar C 1vijaiamr@gmail.comPoster presentation
106Electronics & Computer Systems ECS-0083 Securing Email - Using Diode Based Isolation SwitchParveen K presentation
107Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0001 Human Energy Harvesting: A Promising Solution For Energy RequirementsAnshu presentation
108Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0002 A Review Of Trailing Edge Bluntness And Tip Noise Mechanism Prediction From Wind Turbine BladesVasishta Bhargavavasishtab@gmail.comPoster presentation
109Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0004 Strategy For Defects Reduction In Manufacturing Process Of Wind Turbine BladesSuraj S presentation
110Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0006 Eco Friendly Biodegradation Technique To Dispose Oxidizers Used In Solid Propellant Rocket SystemsHimanshu presentation
111Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0007 Carbon Substrate Is Sensor Measurement Of The Temperature And Pressure For Space Enviromental presentation
112Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0008 Induction Of Indigenous 5Ah Li-Ion Batteries For C25 Stage Electro-Mechanical Actuator In Gslv Mk-Iii LauncherN.Sairamvasnag@gmail.comOral presentation
113Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0009 Design, Fabrication, And Testing Of A Versatile Mocvd/Ald System For Compound Semiconductors And Complex OxidesPiyush Jaiswalpiyushjaiswal@gmail.comOral presentation
114Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0010 Structural Design And Testing Of Rupture Disc In Lithium Ion CellA presentation
115Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0011 Microwave Radiometer Observations Of Water VaporPushpa Saroja Rpushpamet@gmail.comOral presentation
116Energy and Environmental Systems EES-0012 Prediction & Analysis Of Thunderstorms Over Sriharikota IslandPapa Rao Gpaparao.met@gmail.comOral presentation
117Space Systems SS-0001 Effectiveness Of Ground Isolation Schemes And Its Demonstration In Gslv Mk-Iii LauncherN.Sairamvasnag@gmail.comOral presentation
118Space Systems SS-0003 Design Of Steering & Hold Down Mechanism For Apxs Payload Onboard Lunar RoverKartik presentation
119Space Systems SS-0004 Experimental Study Of Srd Based Topologies For Multiplier Circuits In Satellite Transponder ApplicationsJitendra presentation
120Space Systems SS-0005 Noise And Sensitivity Analysis Of On-Board ReceiversHarsh presentation
121Space Systems SS-0006 Onboard Computer Redundancy Management For Studsat-2Sandya Sarunatstudsat2@gmail.comOral presentation
122Space Systems SS-0008 Multi-Objective Optimization Of A Typical Spacecraft PyrovalveKamal Sarohakamalsrh@gmail.comOral presentation
123Space Systems SS-0010 User Position Estimation From Navigational Satellite Constellations With Position Error Correlations From Diurnal Variance Of Tec And GdopAbhiram presentation
124Space Systems SS-0013 Propellant Thermodynamics During Mars Orbiter MissionGagan Agrawalagl.gagan@gmail.comOral presentation
125Space Systems SS-0014 Safety Challenges Faced During Gslv D5 Recovery Operations At Space Port Of presentation
126Space Systems SS-0015 Analysis Of On Orbit Observations And Design Improvements In Scatterometer Scan presentation
127Space Systems SS-0017 Next Generation Satellite Ground Stations To Receive Data In High Frequency Spectrum, For Accommodating Higher Data presentation
128Space Systems SS-0018 Risk Assessment For Launch Vehicle MissionsG Vaidyanathanvaidya85@gmail.comOral presentation
129Space Systems SS-0019 Bird Detection And Deflection System For Aircraft Using Water JetAnnie Jerry.Rvikranth005@gmail.comOral presentation
130Space Systems SS-0020 Investigation Of Ignition Overpressure Wave Characteristics Through Shock Tube ExperimentsR presentation
131Space Systems SS-0021 Alignment Measurements Of Reaction And Momentum Wheels At Spacecraft Level Using Hybrid Metrology TechniquesPravesh presentation
132Space Systems SS-0022 Method To Reduce The Effect Of 2N Angular Acceleration Sensitivity In DtgJayachandran presentation
133Space Systems SS-0023 Method Of Reducing Temperature Sensitive Errors In Electro-Mechanical Inertial SensorsJayachandran presentation
134Space Systems SS-0024 Open Innovation: A Tool For Promoting Space System Developments And Commercialization Of Intellectual PropertyU presentation
135Space Systems SS-0025 Integrated Data System For Solid Propellant Motor Production At Spp And SprobVelayudham presentation
136Space Systems SS-0026 A Survey On The Usage Of Green High Energy Liquid Fuel-Dimethyl Aminoethyl Azide (Dmaz) For Liquid Propulsion SystemsAv Santhana Babusanthanababu@hotmail.comOral presentation
137Space Systems SS-0027 Robust Guidance For Terminal Area Energy Management Of Re-Entry Vehicle Using Commanded AccelerationShriram Swaminathanshriram.sw@gmail.comOral presentation
138Space Systems SS-0028 Impact Of Interaction Of Multiple Slosh Modes Of Upper Stage Liquid Engines On The Stability Of Launch VehicleAnish Antonyanishantonyk@gmail.comOral presentation
139Space Systems SS-0030 Leo Satellite Constellation Design For Earth ObservationsParthiban Ppparthiban92@gmail.comOral presentation
140Space Systems SS-0032 Metrics For Ultra-High Quality Control System Software For Testing Of Cryogenic EnginesPoofa presentation
141Space Systems SS-0033 Comparison Of Wind Forces Of Antenna Using Various TheoriesGullapalli Venkata presentation
142Space Systems SS-0035 Technological Challenges In Realization Of Indian Deep Space Network - 32 M Antenna To Support Indian Deep Space MissionsG Narahari Dattagndatta@gmail.comOral presentation
143Space Systems SS-0036 Attitude Processing Unit Design For Micro Star TrackerGopi Krishnan presentation
144Space Systems SS-0037 Design And Development Of Aps Based Video Processor For Multi-Head Star SensorAshritha M presentation
145Space Systems SS-0038 Geometric Position Analysis For Star Sensor presentation
146Space Systems SS-0039 Quantum Efficiency Improvement In Scl Ccd ProcessAmita presentation
147Space Systems SS-0040 Challenges In Realisation Of Nozzle Divergent For Cryogenic Engine (Ce-20) Thrust ChamberAlok presentation
148Space Systems SS-0041 Resistance Analysis Of Acoustic Sensor Vent TunnelNitesh Kumar presentation
149Space Systems SS-0042 Dynamics Of Spacecraft Collaborative Design- A Case StudyA. Alok Kumar presentation
150Space Systems SS-0043 Effect Of Thermal Contact Conductance In Mems Based Solid Propellant presentation
151Space Systems SS-0044 Radiation Induced Semu And Process Variations Analysis Of presentation
152Space Systems SS-0045 Single Axis Error Determination And Attitude Control Of Solar Sail SpacecraftRajasekar Craja.asrd1@gmail.comOral presentation
153Space Systems SS-0046 Configuration Challenges For Inclusion Of Electric Propulsion System (Eps) In 2 Ton Class SatelliteFarhana presentation
154Space Systems SS-0047 Development Of Water Based Post Fire Quenching System Of Large Solid Rocket Motor During Static TestingG presentation
155Space Systems SS-0048 Transient Analysis Of Flow Control Valve Operation In Complex Cryogenic Piping System Using CfdPadmini presentation
156Space Systems SS-0049 Characterization Of An Under-Expanded Supersonic Impinging Jet Noise Environment And Active Suppression SystemVeerabhadram presentation
157Space Systems SS-0050 A Uav-Smallsat Constellation Proposal For Augmented Remote SensingDr.Kishore presentation
158Space Systems SS-0051 A Stereo Vision Based Approach For Visual Feedback Control Of A 3Dof Robotic Arm For Space ManipulationsSangeetha presentation
159Space Systems SS-0053 Concept Of A Universal Dc-Dc Converter To Meet The Spacecraft Sub-System Throughput Requirements With Reduced Cycle TimesMr. P presentation
160Space Systems SS-0054 A Comparative Study Of Polarimetric Decomposition Techniques For Quad And Hybrid Polarimetric SarHari Priya Shari.priya_s@yahoo.comOral presentation
161Space Systems SS-0055 Lift-Off Environment Simulation Using Scaled Down Solid Rocket MotorsS presentation
162Space Systems SS-0056 A Comprehensive Study Of Non-Aluminized Ap-Htpb Propellant Slurry For Open Pit BurningO. Sai presentation
163Space Systems SS-0057 A Novel Statistical Based Burn Time Computation System For Solid Rocket MotorsAshish Kumar presentation
164Space Systems SS-0058 Integrated Optimal Control Of Reusable Launch Vehicle And Actuation System Using Linear Quadratic Gaussian TechniqueKuriakose T.S.babysebastian@yahoo.comOral presentation
165Space Systems SS-0059 Signal Processing Methods For Laser Doppler Velocimeter, A Sensor For Chandrayaan-Ii LanderLalithya M. presentation
166Space Systems SS-0060 Mechanical Design, Development And Realization Of Nano Reaction Wheel For Irs Class Of Nano SatellitesRohit presentation
167Space Systems SS-0061 Q/V Band Experimental Payload For Indian Geo SpacecraftPrashanth presentation
168Space Systems SS-0062 Characterization Of Filters Used In Propellant Filling Systems At Launch PadS presentation
169Space Systems SS-0064 Centralized Emergency Warning And Evacuation System For Launch Complex FacilitiesT. presentation
170Space Systems SS-0065 Magnetic Encoder – A Novel Position Detection Mechanism For Spacecraft ApplicationsSmitha presentation
171Space Systems SS-0066 49Mhz An Active Phased Array Wind Profiler Radar - From Launch Support PerspectiveM S presentation
172Space Systems SS-0067 Fluid Servicing Of Cryostage At Launch PadN presentation
173Space Systems SS-0068 Design And Development Of Backup Support Fixture For Rf Test Of Spacecraft ReflectorRavi presentation
174Space Systems SS-0069 Design & Analysis Of Low Level System For Movement Of Fuel Simulated SatellitesAmir presentation
175Space Systems SS-0070 Range Communication Systems At Sdsc SharAnubhuti Bansalanu19bansal@gmail.comOral presentation
176Space Systems SS-0071 Evaluation Of Vertical Mixer PerformanceKalaivani presentation

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